Millenium promocija 360° Communication

About us

Founded in Zagreb in 1999, Millenium promocija is one of the longest established agencies in this part of Europe, and at the same time, one of the most successful integrated marketing communications agencies in the region.

We offer a full range of communication services, and our clients are provided with quality communication solutions, from standard communication techniques and tools to specially designed communication approaches.

Our resources, capacities and services, used to cover all areas of marketing communications, give us an integrated approach to the implementation of communication projects, which also means the best results.

WE BELIEVE IN PARTNERSHIPS AND WE RECOMMEND THEM on top of the usual relationship between the agency and the client. Trust and good relations are fundamental values for success at the personal and business level.

OUR WORK IS NOT LIMITED to delivering communication services and solutions because every project is an opportunity for our partners to help develop their business ventures and create new business relationships and opportunities.

WE INSIST ON A PERSONALIZED, PROACTIVE AND FLEXIBLE APPROACH to every partner because we know that this is the best way to ensure the successful implementation of every communication project.

WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS and therefore, in the implementation of our communication projects, we always use communication approaches, channels and tools that best match the set goals.

WE ACCEPT CHALLENGES AND CHANGES and therefore we encourage our partners to dive into the use of new technologies, tools and approaches with the goal of even more successful communication and positioning in the market.

Prizes and Awards

Croatian Public Relations Association’s Grand PRix Award for the Best Projects in Croatia
Proljetni iskorak Adris grupe

Public relations in non-governmental sector (2008)

Client: Adris

„Proširenje registra dobrovoljnih darivatelja koštane srži i osnivanje Banke matičnih stanica“ project

Public relations in non-governmental sector (2008)

Client: Ana Rukavina Foundation

National scholarship project “For women in science”

Corporate social responsibility (2008)

Client: L'Oreal Adria

„Zelena čistka – jedan dan za čisti okoliš“

The best adaptation of a global campaign (2013)

Client: Žmergo Association

Edward Bernays College of Communication Management Launch

Public relations in non-governmental organizations (2014)

Client: Edward Bernays University College

Multimedia and interactive exhibition “Croatia je Hrvatska”

Event organisation award (2018)

Client: Croatia osiguranje

Zagreb Advent Run

Best Event Communication Award (2019)

Client: Run Croatia

Special Awards for Contribution to the Development of Public Relations
Božo Skoko

Special Award of the Croatian Public Relations Association for Contribution to the Development of Public Relations in Croatia (2011)

Mario Petrović

Special Award of the Croatian Public Relations Association for Contribution to the Development of Public Relations in Croatia (2018)

Božo Skoko

Edward Bernays Award for contribution to the development of academic disciplines of public relations and communications (2019)

Other Prizes and Awards
Effie Award

Effie Award for Marketing Communication Effectiveness for the Project "Croatia je Hrvatska" (2018)

MIXX Cross media

MIXX Cross media integration award for the Project “Croatia je Hrvatska” (2018)

MIXX Award

MIXX Award in the category of best digital brand awareness campaign for the Project “Razveseli mamu i vrati se doma” (2016)

IdejaX Award

IdejaX Award for Best Project in the corporate communications category for the Project “Razveseli mamu i vrati se doma” (2016)

Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2018

Second place in the category "Best projects that meets international standard" for the Project „Croatia je Hrvatska“ (2018)

Young Lions

Third place in the PR category for the project "It's not a waste of time" (2019)